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Jacob Abraham ’22 is the 2022 first place winner for his design of Oro, a delivery vehicle created for urban environments.

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University of Houston Hines College debuts 380,000 cubic feet inflated, dynamic structure

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Feng recognized for success in commercialization and production of impactful technologies

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“My time at UH taught me the value of being wrong and how to embrace those opportunities to learn. Design is iterative ... Collaborative design is a conversation.”

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Hines College student organizations prepare incoming students for
a new year

"My academic experiences at UH opened up opportunities for me I could have never imagined, and I'm grateful to have had such dedicated professors along the way."

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Hines College welcomes four women to new faculty positions

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Project highlights how industrial design during the Cold War influenced politics

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Community Design Resource Center honored for Greater Northside Urban Design Toolkit

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