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A conversation with Andrew Kudless, the College's William D. Kendalll Endowed Professor of Design Technologies, exploring AI and design education

Industrial design student Pedro Sandoval awarded inaugural 2022 John Conrad Student Pinnacle Award for “Blum” chair design from the International Society of Furniture and Design

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Jacob Abraham ’22 is the 2022 first place winner for his design of Oro, a delivery vehicle created for urban environments.

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Scott Ziegler, AIA, founder and senior principal of Ziegler Cooper Architects, has established the Ziegler Travel Fellowship Award at the Hines College with a gift of $25,000.

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"My advice would be to cherish the opportunity to design all things, no matter how small the project might be. Give each project the same attention, be it a table, a tiny house, or 10,000 square foot building."

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Winning design showcases crucial relationship between client and designer

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Industrial design students create interior and exterior EV concepts in College’s first automotive design studio

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"The university life at the Hines College prepared me to apply architecture broadly while emphasizing design projects. I am proud to be part of the technical team in constructing the PETRONAS Twin Towers."

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"The Hines College reinforced and broadened my knowledge in architecture, design, and drafting software."

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