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The Hines College celebrated its Industrial Design program's 20th anniversary with a day of learning, networking, and celebratory events.

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‘Lunet’ Honored with Prestigious Design Awards, Created for Worldwide Use

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Confluence Park honored for convergence of sustainability and environmental performance

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Sean Fleming (MAAS '20) studied architecture history before continuing his studies at the Hines College. Now a photographer, he shared, "Many architectural photographers I look up to were once architects themselves or formally studied design, and I believe their education shows in their work."

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Professor Bruce Race, Ph.D., joined by assistant professors Mili Kyropoulou and Dalia Munenzon, will partner with the City of Houston to help address resiliency and stormwater and heat island mitigation in the Fifth Ward. A $1 million grant from the EPA will fund their work with the community.

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A UH team of architects, engineers and designers will put their creative minds to the test as part of a new competition to design innovative, unique and fully operational homes to lead the housing transformation and showcase their talents. 

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For the last 53 years Joe Colaco prepared students to pursue careers in architecture and engineering, hoping to pass along technical knowledge and skills to budding architects. Now, he's recently won the AIA Houston 2023 Educator of the Year Award.

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Alyse Makarewicz ('97) studied architecture to combine her analytical and creative strengths. Since then, she started her firm 18 years ago to help keep women in architecture. Recently, AMB Architects was selected as AIA Houston's Firm of the Year 2023.

Urban design, Slope

Hines College assistant professor Mili Kyropoulou and her team recently achieved first place in the Lowdown Showdown Competition for their original design, repurposing the Astrodome.

Hines College in the News

India Education Diary
UH Architecture And Engineering Team’s Thermodynamic House Set To Compete In Housing Event

India Education Diary
Visioning A New Astrodome: Hines College-Led Team Triumphs In National Competition For Building Performance

Innovation Map
Groundbreaking prosthesis device designed at UH earns international ‘luminary’ award

Houston Chronicle
Let it go? Never! New Astrodome ideas give us hope. (Editorial)

Texas Architect
2023 Studio Awards: Irritable House

St. Louis Business Journal
Planned construction innovation district Gateway South to host international housing design contest

The Architect's Newspaper
A design competition from ASHRAE reimagines a more eco-friendly Houston Astrodome
Design team imagines a second act for Houston's Astrodome

Houston Chronicle
Architecture contest reimagines future of Houston Astrodome, breathing new life into iconic stadium

The challenge was to re-imagine the Astrodome. Here is the concept the team that won came up with

Pioneer Newz
Inexpensive Student-Designed Prosthesis Replaces Amputees’ Missing Fingers
3D Printed Finger Prosthesis Offers Low-Cost Mobility Solution for Amputees

Health Tech World
3D printable prostheses could restore amputees’ finger mobility

New Atlas
Inexpensive student-designed prosthesis replaces amputees' missing fingers

Tech Times
3D Printable Finger Prosthesis 'Lunet': A Game-Changer for Accessible Tech

Interesting Engineering
This award-winning 3D printable prosthetic is open access

The Architect's Newspeper
MESO-COSM examines architecture, ecosystem experiments, and urbanization in the Gulf Coast region

Meso-Cosmic Order: Experimental Infrastructures for a Changing Climate

Yanko Design
Futuristic Excellence: Red Dot Awards 'Best of Best' to Design Concepts that Transform Humanity

Red Dot Awards
2023 Red Dot: Luminary

A Q&A with Interaction Designer Elham Morshedzadeh

Architect Magazine
Next Progressives: UltraBarrio

e-flux Architecture
Fall 2023 public program - Rice Architecture

IDSA presents eight award-winning student industrial design projects

Houston Chronicle
Astros owner Jim Crane buys $24M historic River Oaks home only to tear it down

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement

Houston Public Media
The extraordinary measures it took to build skyscrapers in Houston’s soft soil

Houston CityBook
As Changes are Afoot at Famed Design Firm, New Leader Touts ‘No Boundaries’

Texas Architect
This Is Us: K67, More Than a Memory

The Architect's Newspaper
The Graham Foundation announces its 2023 individual grantees

Modern Steel Construction
UH’S Patrick Peters Bridges the Gap Between Architecture and Fabrication — and the Classroom and the Community

Houston Chronicle
What to know about buying an EV in Texas

Yes! Magazine
How Black Hair Practices Can Inspire Architecture

Houston Chronicle
Readers pick Houston's worst sidewalks, as residents with disabilities share dangers they face daily

The Architect's Newspeper
Hair Salon: A new exhibition at the University of Houston explores the architectural properties of Black hair

Architectural Digest
How This Designer is Using Black Hair to Inspire the Architecture World

Houston Chronicle
Each curl is mighty — Black hair as architecture

Houston CityBook
A New ‘Hair Salon’ Opens Today at UH — and It’s Not What You Think

Rice University
How a former landfill could help fight floods and reimagine a swath of southwest Houston

The Architect's Newspeper
University of Houston displays restored K67 kiosk from Yugoslavia

CultureMap Houston
Cool new UH exhibit showcases cutting-edge student electric vehicle design

Houston Chronicle
New Houston Endowment HQ brings brings the city one step closer to new age of modern design

Houston Public Media
UH Moment: Researchers Engage Community to Create Award-Winning Plan for Resilience

India Education Diary
University Of Houston: UH Researchers Engage Community To Create Award-Winning Plan For Resilience

Houston Chronicle
AIA Houston has announced winners its 2022 Design Awards. Here's who made the list.

The Leader.
Outdoor classroom nears completion at local middle school


November 21, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Sean Fleming (MAAS '20)

November 20, 2023
Celebrating 20 Years of Industrial Design

November 16, 2023
Hines Researchers Partner with City of Houston to Address Resiliency

November 9, 2023
UH Architecture and Engineering Team’s Thermodynamic House to Compete in Housing Event

November 8, 2023
Building Heights in Education and Industry

October 25, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Alyse Makarewicz ('97)

October 13, 2023
Recent Graduate Develops 3D Printable Prostheses to Restore Amputees' Finger Mobility

October 11, 2023
Envisioning a New Astrodome Through an Integrated Approach

October 3, 2023
Scholarship Award Recognizes Power of Personal Identity

September 25, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Ami Shah (M.Arch. '03)

September 22, 2023
Ivy League Bound: Hines Students Take the Next Step

August 29, 2023
Welcoming in the Collegiate Experience

August 28, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Jason Logan ('00)

July 25, 2023
"The Irritable House" Revolutionizes Affordable Housing

July 13, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Higgins ('07)

June 23, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Lauri Goodman Lampson ('88)

May 30, 2023
Coming Full Circle

May 30, 2023
Beyond the Present

May 26, 2023
XO House Honored with 2023 TxA Design Award

May 26, 2023
Finding a Way in the Unfamiliar

May 23, 2023
Melvalean McLemore Bestowed Ben Brewer Young Architect Award

May 22, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Terence Gelo ('13)

May 18, 2023
Hines Architecture Historian Awarded Graham Foundation Research Grant

May 15, 2023
Pursuing a Worthy Future

April 27, 2023
Design/Build Professor Wins Inaugural AISC Award of Distinction

April 26, 2023
Kendall Professor Andrew Kudless Awarded Top AIA National Sustainability Award

April 24, 2023
The Perfect Fits

April 20, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Vanessa Ortega ('08)

April 17, 2023
Hines College Student Organizations You Should Know: Student Industrial Design Society of America

March 28, 2023
Five Years and Counting: Hines Student Tops Bienenstock Furniture Competition

March 23, 2023
Architecture Students to Showcase Designs at International Exhibition

March 23, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Mendler ('08)

March 8, 2023
Hines College Students Organizations You Should Know: Future Women in Architecture (FWIA)

February 28, 2023
RESEARCH PROFILE: Proposal Investigates the "Mesocosm"

February 27, 2023
Hines College Architecture Students Win AIA Fort Worth Merit Awards

February 22, 2023
Hines College Student Organizations You Should Know: Black Students in Design (BSID) 

February 16, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Robichau ('06)

February 14, 2023
Hines Alumni Honored at the 9th Annual Cougar 100

February 14, 2023
Hines College Professor Awarded SOM Foundation Research Prize

February 8, 2023
Research Profile: Proposal Excavates the Ecological Legacies of Colonial Territorial Expansionism

February 2, 2023
New On Board: IA Interior Architects and Kitchell Contractors Executives

January 27, 2023
University of Houston displays restored K67 kiosk from Yugoslavia

January 24, 2023
New Travel Award Opens Worldview for Architecture and Design Students

January 12, 2023
Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Rusnak ('90, '92)

January 11, 2023
ID Co-Director Mark Kimbrough Receives Graphic Design USA Award

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